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Tianyu Scenic Group 2017 semi-annual business analysis will be held smoothly

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August 13, 2017 -  16 days Tianyu Scenic Group 2017 annual second board of directors and  semi-annual business analysis will be held in Hohhot headquarters as  scheduled.

August 13, 2017 - 16 days Tianyu Scenic Group 2017 annual second board  of directors and semi-annual business analysis will be held in Hohhot  headquarters as scheduled.On the second board of directors in 2017, all the directors conducted a  careful study on the existing problems and future development and  short-term goals of the Group, and adopted 10 resolutions.Semi-annual  business analysis were heard in the first half of the Group's overall  financial accounts and the Group headquarters of the functional  departments, the general manager of the first half of the work of the  second half of the work and the second half of the work of the report,  informed the second board of directors in 2017Adopted by 10 resolutions.Overall,  the first half of 2017 domestic and industrial market as a whole is  very serious situation, the national supply side of the reform to  promote, deepen the adjustment of industrial structure, agricultural and  sideline products prices continue to slump, farmers planting enthusiasm  is not high, significantly reduced fertilizer consumption, market  competitionfierce.But  the first half of the group through the efforts of all staff, the  company and the center, the business department in the grasp of the  business at the same time strict control of business risks, unswerving  in accordance with the beginning of the work objectives and work  guidelines to implement, to overcome the variousDifficult to obtain a relatively good performance in the industry.According  to the operation of the first half of the year and the overall forecast  for the second half of the market, to determine the "clear the overall  situation, identify the lack of team, and firmly promote the work of the  whole year; do trade, find the root of the region,Task "in the second half of the core work objectives.At  the meeting, Chairman of Tianyu Scenic Group Chairman pointed out that  we must carefully analyze the market, establish confidence, actively  explore innovation, to find out the problems in the work, and dare to  face, and actively resolve.And  made a detailed analysis of the five problems in the development of the  Group, stressed the rationalization of the management structure, the  formation of a fixed working mechanism of the importance of encouraging  and requiring corporate managers to establish a positive information  innovation, the courage to open up and continue to maintain high morale  andPlenty of energy.Participate  managers to express their views, for the first half of the operation of  the second half of the market situation in-depth analysis.Through  this meeting, we carried out a full communication and exchange, unified  the idea, recognize the current development situation, the objective  existence of the problem and the direction of progress for the  successful completion of 2017 operating tasks and 2018 operating  preparation laidGood foundation.

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