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Warmly congratulate Wulanchabu City Tianyun Small Loan Co., Ltd. won the title of 2016 outstanding microfinance company

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2016 is the  tenth year of the pilot operation of the microfinance company in Inner  Mongolia. It is also the third year of the establishment of the small  loan company of Wulanchabu City, a subsidiary of our group. Although the  establishment time is short, the company strictly followsNational  and local regulations to run to serve the rural areas as the focus, to  solve the end-user's financial needs to promote rural development,  farmers increase my development goals, has been the competent  departments and the community praise.Wulanchabu  City Tianyun Small Loan Co., Ltd. will continue to re-grind in the  future, "to carry out industry self-discipline, safeguard industry  interests, to provide member services to promote the development of the  industry" for the purpose of implementing the autonomous region of the  work of the deployment,Efforts in the local rural areas of  Wulanchabu City, the development of agriculture to provide services,  and seriously carry out the work.

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