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Broke the news: bio-fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, bacteria fat trick trick!

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New fertilizer all kinds of marketing, such as "concept" marketing, "misleading" marketing, "lies" marketing, etc. are you not encountered? Many of which are in the form of deceptive farmers, is a typical illegal behavior. Now we will share some of the common tricks and "misleading" of fake and shoddy fertilizers to farmers, and be taken seriously.
Biological fat of the high trick
Bio-fertilizer as a rapid development of new fertilizer, has been a variety of liar "favor"! A variety of concepts of bacteria grow endless! Common tricks are:
1, with organic fertilizer posing as bio-fertilizer! A variety of organic fertilizer are marked with beneficial bacteria, microbial fertilizer are GB number, fake bio-fertilizer a lot of organic fertilizer with the number of - Ministry of Agriculture, "agricultural fertilizer" card number.
2, the type of bacteria more and more standard, 26 bacteria, 28 bacteria! In fact, the market rarely contains 5 and more types of beneficial bacteria bio-fertilizer, the Ministry of Agriculture experts recommend: bio-fertilizer to add more than three kinds of microbial species!
3, the number of bacteria the more the higher the standard! The high number of bacteria brings two problems: one is the cost increase; the second is too high microbial content may bring adverse consequences to the crop, such as inhibition of growth.
Water-soluble fat trick
1, foreign imports is the most common slogan, in fact, more than 90% of the so-called imported water-soluble fertilizer are 100% of domestic products! The name of the banner of imports to sell a high price is their true purpose! Not just water-soluble fertilizer, in recent years there have been some concept of compound fertilizer is also the trick, the price is high, every 100 pounds retail price reached 350 yuan.
2, not chelate trace elements of water-soluble fertilizer are embarrassed publicity! But the real content of chelation can only be used to describe the slightest, you understand!
3, hormone fertilizer rampant. Some farmers use fertilizer for 12 hours. The results of his greenhouse tomato at the end of April to pull the garden, and others are in June began to pull the garden! We all remember that most of the hormone fertilizer has a pungent odor!
4, all kinds of "potash" Chuang world! Potassium is more expensive you all know, so some fertilizer directly from a name called "× × potassium", this fertilizer is often the name of "fulvic acid potassium", "high potassium" under the banner, in fact, pay attention to see it number, Many are trace element numbers! Potassium content is very low inside.
A fertilization, no top dressing
This means are a variety of "flicker group" and individual small factories widely used, mainly to grasp the people of labor, effort, money to save the psychological, more hateful is the "忽悠" often take fake and shoddy high nitrogen fertilizer posing as high potassium content Of the fertilizer, the focus of publicity around "only need to use base fertilizer, late do not have fat." The results of the majority of farmers to bring a lot of direct economic losses, for the tree of its harm will last 2-3 years!
1, the different fertility of crops during the growth of the demand for nutrients is different, it is difficult to find a fertilizer to meet the different growth stages of crops, such as fruit trees in spring nitrogen, phosphorus demand, large potash fertilizer demand, so different Time to use the appropriate ratio of fertilizer is more appropriate!
2, the role of fertilizer in the soil is relatively quick, it is difficult to achieve the effect of more than six months of sustained release, the current cultivation model in northern China, the "small amount of times" for a variety of soil!
"Long hair" fertilizer is added to the viable bacteria fertilizer!
1, in addition to the individual actinomycetes products, common biological bacteria fertilizer in the normal storage process is not "long hair", common "long hair" products are not fermented thoroughly organic fertilizer, in high temperature and humidity environment, A lot of harmful fungi!
2, because a large number of "long hair", this product did not add any "functional bacteria", and is likely to exceed the water, as well as the risk of burning seedlings!
3, the common microbial agents added "spore bacteria", a large number of breeding will form a "colony", made of fertilizer is not long hair!

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