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Corn is not good, the original is "they" caused

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The emergence of corn is good or bad, directly determines the late production, do not know now there is no such feeling: the ground to dry farm work, find someone's corn seedlings out of the good words, will ask them to buy what kind of ah? In fact, this and many aspects are related, such as soil conditions, sowing period, weather conditions, pests and diseases, mechanical damage and pesticide fertilizers, etc., below, we will come to the next, we have a lot of people Look, what causes the emergence of corn is not good? 01 seed problem On the first point that the description is very important, if you buy a fake seed or Chen seeds, no matter how late, the emergence will be affected. Such as the storage process of mold, seed germination rate is not high. Another point is the genetic variety, such as some of the seeds of the top soil is weak, if the seeding too deep will be a bad seed, so pay attention to the characteristics of the seed. 02 Soil problems 1, drought, the recent drought in some areas, leading to the slowing of spring corn can not be planted, or seeding is not good after sowing. 2, soil sticky weight, coupled with rainfall, it will cause soil compaction, affecting the emergence of corn shoots top soil.

3, saline, will affect the permeability of corn species is difficult to water germination, the emergence will be bad.

03 planting problem

Sowing too deep or too shallow (usually about 5cm), sowing too deep to the soil above the need for more nutrients, there may be rotten, sowing too shallow, the water will be evaporated, the seeds dry, loss The germination of the conditions.

04 temperature problem

The temperature of 10-12 degrees will be germination, reaching 18-20 degrees when the emergence of seedlings, if the problem is less than 10 degrees when planting, or stability is too high, will affect the seed emergence.

05 pests and diseases

Underground pests (grubs, tigers, golden worms, mole crickets, etc.) bite the seeds, and after emergence, the impact of bacteria, will cause the phenomenon of seedling broken ridge, it is recommended seeding when seeding, and the purchase of disease-resistant varieties The

06 drug (fat) damage problem

Phytotoxicity for the use of closed herbicide damage, the use of excessive, or by the rain washed, resulting in seed absorption after the problem, the other is on the crop damage.

Fertility is mainly fertilization, too close to the corn, "burning" seeds, causing the emergence of bad.

More than 6 points, we can do reference, if your home is not very good corn, then the right medicine, timely remediation, and can not do not ask, to the final yield seriously reduced, regret too late.
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